about me

when i was little,
i was told i had
a mind crafted by the gods.
who would have guessed
i’d use it on my own
creation of hell?

Quiyet Brul is a poet, a fiction writer, and an occasional awkward comedian from a small town in the Northern Philippines.  He immigrated to the United States in December 2011.

At sixteen, he started his college journey at the Santa Ana College.  His first accomplishment was reestablishing the SAC Literary Journal that has been long-gone for an almost half-century, enabling him to publish two of his fiction stories: Haunted, a story about a boy who is haunted in dreams by himself, and Last Note, a surrealistic story narrated by a dead fetus about a pregnant woman who loses her family and ends up committing seppuku.

Quiyet currently lives in California.  He pursued a degree in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing from the California State University, Fullerton.

alright…enough about those boring, formal and professional stuff about me.  basically, i have been writing for as long as i can remember, though i never broadcasted my works and kept them hidden from the public…not until now.  writing is something i wish to continue for the rest of my life.  i hope to be a successful writer by the age of 50, and i imagine myself sitting on a comfortable armchair (the one with wheels on ’em), typing, or whatever the equivalent of typing in the future, sipping my hot green tea, as time touches my body.

i don’t really have a specific literary genre that i like to write.  i just write whatever i am feeling, and hope that that feeling is felt by my readers.

i wish my skin-prison did not confine me as much as it did.  or does.  whichever works best.

ps. i love golden retriever dogs !!!

©2015, Quiyet Brul